Here is why you should use a VPN to surf the Web

Why should you use a VPN?

Have you ever considered that your online activity is being observed or tracked by someone?

If so, your concerns are legitimate. That is because your online activity is observable. Your privacy is at risk.

Switching to Private/Incognito mode is not enough for you to go anonymous on the web. Your activity is still visible to your Internet Service Providers, the websites you visit and several other third-parties.

If you have been browsing the web long enough, you might have come across the term VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a tool that will protect your privacy while browsing the web. You should use a VPN to surf the web safely and privately.

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What does a VPN do?

I will try not to be technical here since this post is geared towards laymen. Basically a VPN masks your IP address and location.

You might be using the internet in New York, but you can make your IP address and location seem to be one from Singapore. This way you are able to falsify your computer’s IP Address and your own location, preventing people who want access to your information for malicious reasons.

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Having a VPN is a MUST in 2020 and beyond

If you spend a lot of time browsing the web. YOU NEED TO GET A VPN.

I still remember that one time, when a 16 year old kid on discord got hold of the IP address and the location of another user by using some app he got from Google Playstore.

If a 16 year old kid can do that. Imagine the possible things that could happen, if you end up clicking on a shady website. The truth is that internet privacy has become paper thin, and it is time you do something about it.

Other perks of a VPN

I was browsing some games on steam, and I came across something very interesting.

Why is Dragon ball banned in India?

It’s not just games, there may be a lot of things that are not available to you. Another example would be, which is a very good way to earn money online through captioning videos, is not available in the majority of countries.

Having a VPN lets you bypass these unreasonable restrictions placed upon you for possibly ridiculous reasons.

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What VPN should I get?

There are hundreds of VPN services out there. However, there is a problem. Choosing the right VPN is important.

First of all, Avoid free VPN services. They are better than nothing, but they come with big limitations. Your Internet speed will decrease considerably, locations might be limited and worst of all, you might only be given a limited amount of data.

The purpose of Free VPN schemes is to eventually make you buy their paid plan. The poor quality of the free plans will make you juggle between different free VPNs.

What should you do then?

The best alternative from experience is that you buy a good quality and budget VPN. Possibly, with a money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

I know some of you might be hesitant to spend money on a software, but you should be considering what is at risk here. Do you cheap out when it comes to your own security? Have you hesitated in spending on your Medical Insurance?

Fortunately, I have the solution for you. There is a VPN out there that is High Quality and Dirt Cheap. The one that I would recommend is SurfShark. It is ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE.

So much quality. Now that is what I call treating customers like kings.
There is a Black Friday sale right now. It’s like 2.5 dollar per month. Maybe drink two less Pepsi a month. That would save both YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR PRIVACY.

It also comes with a 30 days money back guarantee as well.


Final Thoughts

If you are reading this, Do me a favor today. DO NOT COMPROMISE ON YOUR PRIVACY.

Some people want your information. Cyber crime is real and very common. There are individuals out there who want to sell your information to others who will use it for malicious intent. Depending on who they sell it to, your sensitive information might be at risk.

Thank you for reading. This was Kazuro Weisemann.

Signing out.