Understanding what Freedom really means

It is absolutely shocking to me that how people in high positions do not understand freedom of speech and expression.

The French President, Emmanuel Macron thinks that you can get away with any kind of speech, no matter how derogatory or abusive it is.

It seems to me that Macron does not know the difference between Free speech and Hate speech.

What leaves me even more baffled is that people are also dumb when it comes to these ideas.

So I had a terrible idea. What would happen if I do a mini survey, asking people what freedom of speech and expression means? The reason why this idea was so terrible is because it led me to an immeasurable amount of disappointment and ruined my day.

A huge number of people lack the understanding of these things, which led me to write this on my blog.

Here is a thought experiment

Before I get into explaining these terms to the pea-brained Macron supporters. Let me just show everyone why they are 100% wrong without the shadow of a doubt.

According to the French constitution, Holocaust Denial is Illegal. However, according to Macron and his understanding of Free speech, it should be fine. Macron’s ideas of Freedom of speech and expression goes against the very french constitution he is trying to uphold. Let us exclude the fact that Macron does not have the guts to deny holocaust even as a joke because he is afraid of the consequences.

What is more baffling is that France even has a clause in its constitution that prohibits Hate speech against minorities. How can people be so dumb to not point out such obvious contradictions?

What Freedom really means?

We finally come to what Free speech and expression really means.

Freedom of Speech and Expression includes all forms of speech except one.

Any expressive form where the speaker intends to vilify, humiliate or cause hatred against a group or class of people on the basis of sex, religion, caste, community, nationality, gender and much more.

If you intend to walk down the street and shout out anything negative you want that might offend someone, even if what you are saying is technically legal, you can fully expect to get punched in the face.

Final Thoughts

Again, this baffles me how this man has not been humiliated on an International platform. If this man was to debate an average high-school student in political sciences, he would probably lose the debate.

Personally, I think Macron is not really that dumb. He is using ‘free speech’ as a guise to push an agenda. I am not going to claim I know what he is trying to do. But I think someone should send this man back to school. Looks like marrying your own school teacher does not do much.

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That was it from me and this was Kazuro Weisemann, Signing out