Here is why Democracy is a bad form of government.

“Democracy is a bad form of government”

“What did you just say? Is freedom to freely express yourself and rule of the majority bad? You must be one of those old closed-minded people who support obsolete backwards ideas.”

The one thing that I have learned over the years is that whatever ‘sounds’ good, is not necessarily good. To be honest you can make almost anything sound overly good or overly bad.

Democracy is taught to be the best and the greatest form of ruling system in almost every country. It is being spread like propaganda. If you disagree with it, you are automatically branded an anti-nationalist. You might say that the fact you get to criticize democracy is itself a virtue of democracy, which is true. The reason democracy is bad because its ‘bad’ outweighs the ‘good’ by a big margin.

Now is the part you all have been waiting for. Here is the list of the reasons because of which I think democracy is a bad form of government.

Put that vote in my boy. Though it won’t really matter if you are a minority.

People may not be qualified to know whats good for them.

This is probably the biggest reason. One might ask, what makes “Rule of the Majority” bad?

The “Rule of the Majority” can be good. But there are conditions.

Everyone who is above 18 years of age is eligible to vote, that is the only criteria for eligibility. Age has nothing to do with the qualifications of individual. A 9 year old who has been taught history and social sciences can be a much better voter than majority of adults.

This simply means that a politician who has an agenda in his head, can manipulate the majority into giving him power by swaying them with sweet and nationalistic words. And when he gets into trouble he can guise it as will of the people.

Democracy is a bad ruling system as it fails to consider the stupidity of people who are eligible to cast the vote.

Why Socrates hated Democracy

Socrates is a Greek philosopher and is known to be one of the founders of Western philosophy.

Well, he hated democracy.

If you want to know more about what Socrates said about Democracy, click here.

In a nutshell, people who lack understanding in politics should not vote. They can be easily manipulated by appealing talk or targeting their sentiments and converted to you cause.

Rule of the Majority

One of the reasons Democracy is bad because it is the Rule of the Majority. Let me explain.

There are loads of case studies in which the minority groups always suffer. Democracy at its very definition cannot be an utopia.

You might argue that “What if the elected ruler caters to the needs of the minorities?”

The same can be said for dictatorships, in the end it comes down to the wisdom of the person/party in power.

I personally believe that the democracy today has become a means to deceive and manipulate the masses to fulfill whatever agenda the government might had. The reasons themselves differ from country to country. The fact remains is that Democracy is not and can never be what it claims to be, and that is “Rule of the people, by the people, for the people.

Final thoughts and all the shorter points

Democracy is a bad ruling system, especially in the age we live in. With mass media it has become really easy to manipulate people and sway them to think in a particular way. People can be dumb and democracy gives power in the hands of dumb, highly impressionable and naive people. Rulers can be greedy but politicians can be both greedy and liars. In conclusion, democracy looks good on paper but when it is implemented is is horrible. A just ruler is easier to find than an honest politician.

Democracy and justice in the same statement is ironic

Thank you for reading. These were my views on democracy as a ruling system. Did you know that just like democracy is not all rainbows and roses, equality is not too. If you want to read more about that, go to Reasons you might be wrong about equality.

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