Here is how you always win an Argument

Do you want to know how to always win an argument or a debate?

The era of proving that you are in the ‘right’ by annihilating your opponent physically has long come to past. The era today is that of Intelligence and Influence, having these is what it takes to make a difference in the modern society.

Today I will show you ways through which you will be able to win every argument you have.

Don’t argue for the losing side

This might sound obvious but there is a lot to think about. Sometimes you might end up in an argument to defend yourself knowing full well you are in the wrong. In that case, you will just end up looking worse.

In other cases, you might think that you have a strong case for your argument. But you must consider where that confidence is coming from. Do you have objective facts to back up your claims or you just ‘feel’ that you are in the right?

To win an argument, do not engage in a battle with losing odds. Do not pick a fight you have no chance of winning.

Use objective pieces of evidence to back up what you are saying

You have to backup whatever you are saying. Always remember that the burden of proof is on the one who makes the claim. Give references to backup whatever you say. Interrogate your opponent on their sources of information so that they do not make up false claims.

If your is basing their views on a flawed foundation, disprove that very foundation. For example, Anyone who questions or makes a moral claim should be asked where he is getting his morals from. A person standing on the flawed Philosophy of Liberalism does not have any strong foundation to back their claims with.

Focus on the arguments your opponent is making

What you do not want to do is ‘Build a Strawman’ or let your opponent get away with it. For those who do not know what that means, it essentially means the following –

You have to tackle their main argument instead of trying to refute something different.

The good news here is that if your opponent builds a strawman and fails to tackle your argument, it means the case for your argument is strong and you are winning.


If there is an absolute thing that you must NOT do. It would be this.

In public debates, throwing insults or displaying bad behavior will automatically decrease the credibility of what you are saying. Do not become agitated when you are being disproved. Throwing insults in a rational discussion talks a lot about your intellect. Instead be respectful and civil to win an argument.


Overall, what you must maintain throughout is rationality. Subjective feelings and thoughts have no place in an argument. Anybody can claim how they ‘feel’ and you won’t even be able to tell if they are lying.

If you follow all of these things mentioned above, you will never lose an argument.

Things like what Wikihow shows for “How to win a debate” is like study, plan, eat well, be healthy and that stuff. It only works when you are forced to pick a side on the public platform. If you want to try and win a debate for the wrong side check out that WikiHow link

If you have the correct worldview, you will never stand on the wrong side of the debate. There is only one objective truth in all things. If you want to build the right worldview, click here.

Thanks for reading!