Here are the things you can do to cure depression

“I am really depressed, How do I cure depression”

“Its easy bro, Just stop thinking about it and busy yourself with some other activity.”

Well, if only it were that easy.

I have been delaying to write about this for a reason. I wanted to write this post when I am actually experiencing depression.

Why? The answer to that is quite simple. You forget how you feel when you are depressed when you are not really experiencing depression first hand. Meaning, If you gave the same advice you would give to yourself when you are depressed, it will not work.

I am forcing myself to write this article right now to give you the possible solutions I can think of right now for myself.

According to me, depression is a state in which you are too sad to do anything. Meaning, normal advice like “Go do something else” or “Don’t think about it” do not work. It is a miserable state where you are extremely sad and you can do nothing about it. Then how do you cure depression?

There are 4 ways through which you can cure depression. I will be listing them below.

You are not really depressed unless you pose like this

Fix the cause of Depression

Naturally, this depends on whether it can actually be fixed or not. But a lot of the time it can be as simple as this.

Suppose you are depressed because you are lonely. In such a case, you can actually do something about it. Go outside, talk to people or just do it at home.

Of course, in the vast majority of cases you are depressed because you can’t do anything about it, which brings us to the next point.

Change your priorities

Are you depressed because things are not going as they want you to? Shift your priorities.

If you are depressed because you got low grades in an exam then go do something you are good at.

Excel at the thing you are good at. Your crush does not like you?

Ditch that chick or chickette. Change the criteria that makes you happy.

Of course, it requires effort on your part. But that is something you can manage after a little bit. Although, in some special cases this does not work as well. That brings us to the next solution.

Let time do its thing

No matter how horrible of a thing that happened, if enough time passes without anything worse happening, the problem solves by itself.

Just use escapism tactics such as binge watching your favorite show or playing a game which takes all your attention. If you do it for long enough the problem will feel like it did not exist.

Now, if even that does not work. There is only one thing left for you to try.

Change your Worldview

This is a huge change. Honestly, if you suffer through chronic depression then something is wrong with your Worldview and you need to rebuild it. A Worldview includes how you view and comprehend reality around you. This is where seeking ‘help’ comes in. The medical treatment they provide through consultation is primarily to help you change how you look at things.

In a nutshell, your reality is terribly wrong and you need to rethink everything.

I have written a small piece on worldview which you might be interested in reading about. If you want to learn more about worldview and why having a correct worldview is important then visit this link.


If I can write an article pointing out logical solutions for myself, then you can put effort to get out of this sorry state. Always think about depression rationally and know that it is a psychological state that you need to get out of as soon as possible.

This article mostly assumes that you are already doing things like getting enough rest, eating healthy and basically everything mentioned here. That is common sense and you should be doing all that without me telling you to.

cure depression
If you look like this then you succeeded.

Alright, that was it from me for today and this is Kazuro Weisemann.

Signing out.

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