What is your Worldview? Here is why you need to think about it.

“What is your Worldview?
“We are born, grow up, work while amusing ourselves and die”

Even if you try to deny it, this is what life has become for the vast majority of people living today. This has become the primary worldview of most people across the globe.


What is a Worldview anyways?

A Worldview is a set of beliefs about fundamental aspects of Reality that ground and influence all our perceiving, thinking, knowing, and doing.

Everyone views the world a certain way, no matter how silly it is. Some people genuinely believe that to live is to taste all the different kinds of food available on the planet! I AM NOT EVEN JOKING.

A person I know said that people “Eat to Live” but he “Lives to eat!”

Why is having a correct Worldview Important?

The choices and the decisions you make are directly influenced by how you perceive the world and the reality around you.

Imagine if you based right and wrong based on what feels good to you and what feels bad to you with subjectivity alone. Imagine this becomes common. You guessed it, We will have an absolute dystopia.

Philosophers from all over history have made their own ways of thoughts and ‘isms’ that people follow to this day. And I am sure we will never agree which ones of them are RIGHT and which ones of them are WRONG.

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Hahaha she seems to be questioning her life choices.

As a matter of fact, Did you know that having the right worldview can be a direct cause of how happy you are. To know more about this I would recommend you check out this article.

What does a Worldview have to do with my blog?


This is a blog, that means that I will have a lot of my personal opinions and thoughts posted here. I am not arrogant enough to say that I have the solution to everything wrong in the society. In the first place what is ‘Right’ and what is ‘Wrong’ can be subjective from person to person.

What I CAN promise is that you will definitely benefit from reading this blog. Its always beneficial to know all sorts of points of views.


In a nutshell, Whatever I post here is entirely my opinions and thoughts and according to the way I view the world. As such I am open to constructive criticism and expect Feedback for my readers. To know more about the kind of content I will be posting visit here.

Thank you for reading and this was Kazuro Weisemann, Signing out.

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