Think equality is wonderful? Here are the reasons you might be wrong about equality.

“How can someone disagree with something as basic as equality”
“Ha! We have no need for such primitive minds in the 21st century”

These might be your first thoughts when you read that title.

Before you start throwing those statements, Here me out for a moment. Let me pose a question to you.

Equality of what?

What people need to understand is that equality is a broad term. And throwing around these terms just because they ‘sound’ good might be fatal in an intellectual debate.

The vast majority of the people in the world ESPECIALLY in the western world believe in things like ‘Freedom’ and ‘Equality’. While they might sound really good, they are in fact heavily misrepresented.

There are two kinds of Equality-
1. Equality of Outcome
2. Equality of Opportunity

These two are completely different terms and just throwing out the term ‘Equality’ is probably going to cause a big misunderstanding.

Well, the problem is that in a lot of places the laws are in support of the equality of outcome rather than opportunity. What this does is that it results in inappropriate distribution of skills in the industry.

Let me give you an example.

In the Indian parliament there are a certain number of reserved seats for the poor and minority group and some of them are reserved for women exclusively.

“But Sa’ad! This is such a noble act”

I told you, It looks good. But they only do it to be ‘Politically Correct’ Internationally and to save face. Selecting people for important positions like that is a disservice to anyone who was not selected for it by working hard for it.

Instead what you could do is try to make opportunities more accessible for everyone in the society.

This has been explained quite brilliantly in a video by Jordan Peterson in one of his videos.

Not Everyone is Absolutely Equal

This is the cold hard truth.

“Black Athletes dominate more in sports”

“Men are physically stronger than Women”

“Women experience and express discrete emotions more than Men”

Lets not even mention how people can be personally different because of their personalities and varied levels of intelligence.


Whatever said here is pretty much common sense. But when you are socialized by the society into believing absurd concepts presented in a sweet and noble manner, you end up accepting them.

Having an understanding of these concepts is something that will help you in having a good worldview. To know Why having a good worldview is important read this post.

I hope you all enjoyed reading. This is Kazuro Weisemann.

Signing out.