Here are the things you can do to cure depression

“I am really depressed, How do I cure depression” “Its easy bro, Just stop thinking about it and busy yourself with some other activity.” Well, if only it were that easy. I have been delaying to write about this for a reason. I wanted to write this post when I am actually experiencing depression. Why? […]

Think equality is wonderful? Here are the reasons you might be wrong about equality.

“How can someone disagree with something as basic as equality”“Ha! We have no need for such primitive minds in the 21st century” These might be your first thoughts when you read that title. Before you start throwing those statements, Here me out for a moment. Let me pose a question to you. Equality of what? […]

What is your Worldview? Here is why you need to think about it.

“What is your Worldview?“We are born, grow up, work while amusing ourselves and die” Even if you try to deny it, this is what life has become for the vast majority of people living today. This has become the primary worldview of most people across the globe. What is a Worldview anyways? A Worldview is […]